About Us

The company is incorporated with a dream of "Healthy India, Powerful India" to make people conscious about their Intake of Food from different sources throughout the day. As most of the population is unaware about the science undergoes behind the food technology and don't have enough time to read about every intake. Hence the company want to build a platform where consumers can have a source from to get informed about the food. ".

To fill the gap between market requirement and shortage of quality processed foods, the promoters launched Green Tea as their first products with different variants. The company has also launched Tulsi AmritRas, a Concentrate of 5 kinds of Tulsi and Apple Cider Vinegar under the brand Healthy Tree.

In a short span of time the company has established their distribution network in the cities of Delhi, UP, Haryana and Punjab and also being sold through modern trade supermarkets and online grocers.

We are also planning to sign up under Start up India scheme of Government of India to claim the benefits for the innovative products and service, which the company is planning to incept.